Writing your own cron service

In this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on how to implement task scheduling utilities like the ubiquitous cron or the popular Quartz library. Approach 1: We can have a main thread which will monitor the crontab file for any job additions.As soon as there is a new job added, we can fire a … Continue reading Writing your own cron service


notify-send in Ubuntu 16 LTS

notify-send notification bubble during the backup process showing the text 'gDrive auto-backup started!'

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16 LTS from Ubuntu 14 LTS. Unlike my previous experiences, this time the process was not that smooth. When the 'upgrade' option resulted in more than half of my manually installed software being removed, I thought it's rather better to do a fresh install instead. While the new system looked … Continue reading notify-send in Ubuntu 16 LTS